[StBernard] So, Rob Reiner thinks we're all Nazis

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 27 08:08:46 EDT 2010

Public opinion poll afte public opinion polls shows about three-quarters of
the American people relate to and consider themselves "tea party" people
because they share the principles and values of the tea party in that there
should be smaller government and less control over our constitutional civil
rights and liberties.

But, somehow Rob Reiner, director/actor (aka Meathead from All in the
Family), associates that with "nazism." On a recent episode of Bill Maher
on HBO, Reiner called the Tea Party people and anyone who affiliates with
them (shares any of the beliefs) "a bunch of Nazis." And this coming from a
Jew - who should know better than anyone what "nazism' is really all about.

Nazism would believe in a government that is large and has huge control over
most aspects of your everyday life - such a government would want to
regulate your speech, the right to assemble, monitor and censor your
internet websites and blogs, monitor every financial transaction you make,
tell you what you could and could not eat....wait a second! "That" is
precisely what the Obama and the liberal-progressive-socialist Democrat
Party adminstration is trying to do at this very moment!

Wow, talk about you coincidences! So, the very thing (nazism) that Rob
Reiner calls the Tea Party and their supporters, the Democrats and the Obama
administration is guilty of doing....and let's not forget, Rob Reiner is one
of the BIGGEST Obama and Democratic Party supporters in Hollywood.

So, I say to all my fellow Nazis out there, let's show this a-hole who's the
boss. Think about all the money you've spent through the years on his
movies. Find out what movie or television productions he is affiliated with
and boycott them. Don't spend a dime on this communist-clown - because
every dime you give him, he just donates onto Obama and the radical-extemist
liberals to advance their cause - and his!

- John Scurich

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