[StBernard] School Board Race Heats Up in Saint Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 27 08:52:46 EDT 2010

In respect to Texas (and excluding Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society
mentality (and of course, any assassination/murder), the Texans seem not
only to "get it", they get it right.



I could not agree more. Today, more than ever before party affiliation is
defining who the individual is and how they think. That's not to say, as in
years past, that many don't care what your affiliation is. The point here
is the significance of party affiliation isn't important to the voter, it is
important to the candidate. Many national politicians started out in lowly
elected offices like the School Board. While they might not have allowed
party ideology to raise it's ugly head, they sure let it be seen when the
hit the national stage. Point here: do you think they became extremist
liberals only when they became Congressmen or Senators? Believe me, it was
there back when they were lowly Councilmen.

But wait, look at the recent battle in Texas over what was going into the
text books public school children would learn from. The "self admitted"
socialist-left wing educator groups were fighting to have language in the
American History text books describe the U.S. as terrible country, riddled
with problems and not exceptional. Thank God the conservatives - and true
Americans - won out and put into the books that America is an "exceptional"
country based on the founding principles and values - i.e. values, something
that doesn't exist among liberal-leftists.

So, in my opinion recent events in Texas proved how educators down to the
elementary level are trying, as you put it, to indoctrinate our children to
"their" way of thinking. So "yes," it is very important we understand each
School Board candiate's beliefs, values, and principles which we can presume
a great deal by knowing each candidate's party affiliation.

- John

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