[StBernard] School Board Race Heats Up in Saint Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 27 08:53:26 EDT 2010

Yeah, I witnessed this on TV today.

And I thought to myself, what planet is this creature of God from?

Then, I thought that's dealing with extraterrestrial life and I'm not sold
on life elsewhere and Jesus here on earth. Then, I thought? My Lord and My
God, she's from America!?

I suppose it went with the video I saw yesterday where everyone was pledging
and when the video panned to the reciter omitting "under God", she stopped
for those two precious words and commenced again" "with liberty and justice
for all". And I thought "what kind of liberty" and does she determinately
mean "social justice" for all??


Here is a story out of Illinois. A political debate sponsored by the League
of Women Voters.

The moderator, when asked, said they were not going to recite the Pledge of
Allegiance. The audience members took it upon themselves to say the Pledge
over her objections. When they finished, she tried to scold them for saying
the Pledge. Even the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters tried
to say it was bad form for saying the Pledge.

But, party affiliation doesn't matter.


Video included.


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