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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Dec 22 21:33:31 EST 2010

Dear Friends -

Today, Louisiana won the honor of being named "State of the Year for 2010"
by Business Facilities Magazine. This is yet another example of the better
Louisiana we are building for our children. Since day one, we have made
economic development our top priority by cutting taxes, revamping workforce
training, and reforming our ethics code. We've made incredible progress and
fostered an economic environment that is creating opportunity for our
people, but we will not rest until all of our sons and daughters can pursue
their dreams right here at home. We must continue this strong economic
momentum by opposing tax increases on Louisianians and reducing government
spending so we can retain jobs and create thousands more for our people
right here at home.

Also in Northeast Louisiana today, we are proudly announcing that Affiliated
Mortgage Company of Monroe will retain and expand its operations here. The
expansion project will create 137 new, direct jobs, retain 41 existing jobs,
produce 80 new, indirect jobs, and generate over $2 million in capital
investment. As I told the Monroe News Star
UobVBxuDDFqf8zVhOF6w&sysid=1> - there was a good chance the company was
moving to Dallas, but because of our efforts, instead of losing those 40
jobs, we added 137 new ones.

This is great news for Northeast Louisiana and our entire state. Companies
are committing to stay and grow in Louisiana rather than expand elsewhere,
and as a result Louisiana's economy outperforms the South and U.S. by
significant margins. That's why business retention and expansion efforts
will remain our top priority as we continue to make Louisiana a great place
to pursue a rewarding career.

As Christmas approaches, I want to thank you for your continued support.

>From my family to yours - we want to wish you many blessings this Christmas


Governor Bobby Jindal

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