[StBernard] St. Bernard President Craig Taffaro issues annual report highlighting progress and growth in St. Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 22 08:14:59 EST 2011

St. Bernard President Craig Taffaro issues annual report highlighting
progress and growth in St. Bernard

St. Bernard Parish President Craig P. Taffaro Jr. has issued an eight-page
report complete with photographs and commentary to illustrate the
achievements in St. Bernard Parish in 2010. The St. Bernard Parish Annual
Report: A Leading Recovery Community's Future is Revealed is available on
the parish website at www.sbpg.net <http://www.sbpg.net/> under the Track
our Progress button at this link:

> . It also is available at the receptionist desk of the St. Bernard Parish

Government Complex, 8201 W. Judge Perez Drive in Chalmette. Copies have been
distributed to other public buildings and local businesses.

The report focuses on the status of ongoing recovery infrastructure projects
and other milestones in St. Bernard Parish, such as the opening of our Sigur
Center Auditorium, construction on our first new hotel, our new hospital as
well as the return of the Violet Oyster Festival and the expansion of our
Celebrate St. Bernard Christmas Parade and post-parade party.

"Being only five miles from the city of New Orleans' center and having
played host to the Battle of New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish is truly New
Orleans' most historic neighbor. Undaunted by at least five major hurricanes
on record, including Hurricane Katrina, and unbeaten by the world's largest
oil spill disaster, there is no wonder that we consider our past Historic
and our Future Promising," Taffaro said.

"Today, St. Bernard is a stronger community with better schools, better
roads, improved parks and recreational opportunities, new fire stations and
newly improved water and sewer infrastructure. With support of our federal
and state partners, St. Bernard Parish Government will see more than $1
billion in improvements to address the damage from Hurricane Katrina. When
funding numbers are added to include the many improvements seen in our
school system, sheriff's office, and flood protection and risk reduction
activities, the financial investment in the rebuilding of St. Bernard Parish
easily surpasses three billion dollars".

"In 2010 alone, St. Bernard Parish Government added over $300 million worth
of projects for St. Bernard residents, and that doesn't include the
operational improvements to services and government functions. 2011 holds
the promise of seeing well into the 90% range of the started projects
reaching completion, setting the stage for a full force effort and focus on
growth that will rival that witnessed in the recovery and rebuilding phase
of St. Bernard's rebirth."

For more information on St. Bernard Parish and its Growth and Recovery,
visit the parish website at www.sbpg.net.


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