[StBernard] Caroline Fayard's Two-Minute Hate (UPDATED)

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 29 21:42:18 EDT 2011

Hey, what's the big deal--coming from socialists?

I abhor Socialists. They don't allow people to enjoy "real freedom", real
liberty, real work-ethic, pro-God, real patriotism, (and the beat goes on).

So, what's the big deal? Patriots begot democrats, which begot liberals,
which begot socialists, which begot communists/atheists, which became God's
objects for hell and damnation.

Which way do we want to go? -- God and pro-Israel or Satan and pro-radical
Muslim? Make the choice. Out of Livingston at birth, she became a
corruption model of damnation in New Orleans as one of those (corrupted
attorneys). Read Revelation, it's all developing as we speak.


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