[StBernard] Saints Season Ticket Seat Changes

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 29 21:43:25 EDT 2011

JY quips: "there is no *must* there. People are not forced to buy football

Jer Responds:

JY: I believe that if one MUST go to a game, one MUST pay the exuberant sum
(unless one is given a "political gift or a "relative gave one the ticket
due to inability to attend), etc. Then, the donator must pay the exuberant

When a ticket is sold, it's assumed that one paid for it and therefore, the
result being the cost behind the shenanigans leading to exuberant players'
contracts. I loved tickets at a "whopping" $6.00 each in the Saints' first
year (1967). <G>

However, all the garbage of free agency, $65 million-dollar contracts,
moving huge sections of $2000 fans away at the Superbowl and now the
Superdome, gets the fans' goats!

Someone once said, "Ya pays yo' ticket and yo' takes yo' chances". The
chances, in reality though, is that it's a good chance most fans are
getting gored by entertainment prices in general (and in this case football
ticket prices), and the players (literacy) are running away with the
mountain of cash (which 95% do not realistically earn).

--Must? I must not and do not. However, it is not only a "bull" that gores
these days.


Ps. Yes, I love football at the base level, because in too many businesses,
if one doesn't produce for the company and give a customer for what they
have paid, one would get fired as a consequence.

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