[StBernard] St. Bernard Parish FACTS Exploited

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Apr 25 17:28:28 EDT 2011

Anon write: " With such a large diverse population of Hispanic, Vietnamese,
Islenos, Caucasian, African American, Middle Eastern (India and Pakistan),
and Honduran and other Central and South American descendants living in or
near poverty level in the multitude of trailer parks, RV parks, and
multi-family and single-family dwellings, the majority of the tenants would
most likely not be African American. There is an abundance of rental
properties available and this data is supported by the real estate market
data for the local parish."

Jer Responds:

..Yet, somehow, this is a smoke-screen to the actuality and eventuality of
what will be.

We all know that the majority of renters are not rich. In the New Orleans
area, we all know that the majority of rental, cheap housing, HUD,
low-income tenants and boarders are not middle-2-upper class upright

We all know, further, that it's not Islenos, Caucasian, Indians who will be
a majority hold for tenants in "bulk-housing" situations/environments, for
to say so would not only depict a sense of laugh-ability, but if facts bear
here in the south, it's all of the other-above-mentioned boarders.

To build housing that advertises to, is built upon or provide socialistic
support for "mass-boarding" and encourages more-per-square-inch living
accommodations (the Chinese method), is simply catering to the non-rich and
threating the well-being of establishments, community and safety.

If it comes about, the "blistering syndrome" will also come about. This
effect bonds hand-in-hand as a cancer--unstoppable to the goodness and peace
in any community. Humankind was never intended to live as ants or in
colonies packed socially because there are too many factors which invade the
privacy, create insecurity in a domestic tranquility way of life and promote
angst and anxiety among those who know it is there, see its damnation
effects and believes the cessation of community and order is near its end.


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