[StBernard] Outrageous - Provident Realty Violates Fair Housing Laws

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Apr 25 17:40:28 EDT 2011

Outrageous - Provident Realty Violates Fair Housing Laws by DanaArcement
<http://connect.nola.com/user/DanaArcement/> , 04/23/11 1:35 AM

It is "absolutely disgusting" and "unbelievably outrageous" that Provident
Realty Advisors are violating Federal Fair Housing advertising laws by not
displaying any Fair Housing logo and/or Fair Housing slogan on their actual
signs posted in front of each of these apartment sites, as specifically
outlined in HUD's own Federal Fair Housing guidelines.

The fact that Provident Realty Advisors are guilty of the very same thing
they have sued St. Bernard Parish for is downright sickening, and should not
be taken lightly, by anyone, including Judge Berrigan. These photos don't
lie. It's right there, clear as day, no "Fair Housing" logo and/or "Fair
Housing" slogan, in clear violation of Federal Fair Housing laws.

I think St. Bernard Parish officials should expose Provident Realty Advisors
for the true hypocrites they are, where this sign violation is concerned, in
any and every manner they can. In fact, I am hereby calling on St. Bernard
Parish public officials to immediately file "their own" Fair Housing
complaint with HUD, the GNOFHAC, and Judge Berrigan, against Provident
Realty Advisors, on behalf of themselves, as our public officials, and on
behalf of all citizens of St. Bernard.

As a citizen of St. Bernard (who has been branded a racist by Provident
Realty and the GNOFHAC), and as a named plaintiff in the lawsuit entitled
"Chateau Lafitte Homeowners' Association, et al vs. St. Bernard Parish
Government," whose lawsuit got "hijacked" up to Judge Berrigan's federal
courtroom because of Provident Realty and the GNOFHAC's desperate claim that
our lawsuit revolves around racial discrimination, I am truly insulted and
offended by Provident Realty's own irresponsible actions of violating
Federal Fair Housing laws!

But, then again, I am also not surprised by this, considering the fact that
Provident Realty Advisors were also negligent and too irresponsible to make
sure their own building permits didn't expire "before" they began
construction on these apartment sites. And this is a company that has been
entrusted by the State of Louisiana with $60 million dollars, of taxpayers'
money, to build apartment complexes for "mixed-income" people? This company
is truly a joke and should be immediately escorted out of St. Bernard Parish
before they are allowed to do more damage than they have already! s/Dana

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