[StBernard] File Your Complaint with GNOFHAC N.O.W

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Mon Apr 25 17:41:47 EDT 2011

File Your Complaint with GNOFHAC N.O.W.
by DanaArcement <http://connect.nola.com/user/DanaArcement/> , 04/25/11
11:30 AM

As you all know, the Provident Realty signs that are on display in front of
each of the apartment sites clearly violate HUD advertising laws. And the
GNOFHAC knows this, as well, because the GNOFHAC has just made another
company, Lexi Properties, comply with HUD advertising laws as they relate to
Fair Housing, by posting "fair housing" language on all of their
advertising, as evidenced by the article below that was taken directly from
GNOFHAC's own website.

N.O.W. it's your turn to file your complaint with the GNOFHAC and demand
that Provident Realty follow all HUD advertising laws as they relate to Fair
Housing. You, too, should receive $49,500.00 from the GNOFHAC, and Provident
Realty, for Provident's negligence in failing to properly inform the public
about Fair Housing when it comes to who they are truly offering to rent
their apartments to. After all, "fair" is "fair," right?

To file your complaint, please call the GNOFHAC at 504-596-2100. For a quick
response, please ask to speak to Mr. James Perry, and tell him Dana Arcement
told you to call. s/Dana Arcement

Please Read Below:

FOR $49,500

This week, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC)
entered into conciliation agreements with two rental-housing companies in
the New Orleans area that discriminated on the basis of family status
(whether or not there are children under the age of 18 living in a

Under the conciliation agreements Lexi Properties, LLC and NOLA Apartments
will:1. Adopt and implement objective, uniform nondiscriminatory standards
in renting housing units, which will be distributed in writing to all
current and future agents and tenants.2. Post a fair housing sign in their
rental offices and include the words "Equal Housing Opportunity Provider" in
all advertisements.3. Attend three hours of fair housing training.

In addition, Lexi Properties will pay $27,500 and NOLA Apartments will pay
$22,000 to GNOFHAC, to compensate the organization for damages incurred
because of the respondents' alleged discriminatory actions.

3-24-11 Read the full press release here

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