[StBernard] Chalmette security guard arrested for possession, intent to sell drugs

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 13 23:34:18 EDT 2011

Should anyone expect anything less? In other areas I've studied including
suburban Baton Rouge (to quote one source), the community voted DOWN with
the building of such "mixed income" (which rather be known as "mixed race"
construction, then evolves into but "ONE race with exceptions") construction
by the populace at council meetings on TWO different construction sites and
two different builders unrelated. The citizens voices were heard and the
motion to discontinue any planning/construction prevailed to stop such.

Concerning the drugs. It will be more concentrated to a complex and can
therefore be referred to as "Village Square Extension 2011/2012" because
that is what it WILL become, no doubt.

Mixed use, of drugs--no doubt. It's a wonder the New Orleans crowd doesn't
have a set of standards which are met. It seems everyone but the builders
and supports of this alleged ghetto is either aware of what they are
building or know through experience (as most in St. Bernard does) of the
foreseeable outcome of this multiplex.

Caring or consideration of what is being conducted is either ignored or to
teach St. Bernard a valuable less (punitive action)--mess with the best, is
to mess with the rest. (New Orleans vs. St. Bernard).

It's outrageous, it's undignified and it's hate-mongering on the side of the
proponents of this ghetto tripe. Where there is action (New Orleans), there
is an equal reaction (St. Bernard) to this travesty.



Chalmette security guard arrested for possession, intent to sell drugs

Zanthony Reese, 23, security guard at Chalmette complex booked with
possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Posted on June 13, 2011 at 7:21 AM

>From Staff Reports

CHALMETTE, La. ― A strong hunch by an off-duty St. Bernard Sheriff's deputy
turned into the arrest of two people - one a security guard - for possession
of drugs with the intent to sell.

Zanthony Reese, 23, of Gretna and Marcus Triplett, 23, of Baton Rouge are
charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after
officers discovered seven bags of the substance in Reese's car.

Both were arrested at the construction site of one of four mixed-income
housing complexes in Chalmette.

"I hope this isn't a bad omen that the Sheriff's Office has already made two
drug arrests at one of the sites and there is the indication an employee was
selling to others," Chief Deputy Sheriff James Pohlmann said in a news

"I'm not trying to make a bigger point about these complexes. Just pointing
out that already we have a problem is someone guarding the place is bringing
drugs into St. Bernard Parish and bagging them up for sale."

Pohlmann said an off-duty officer driving passed the complex rising on
Virtue Street believed he saw "suspicious" activity and called in what he

Special Investigations Division agents went to the construction site and
found the two men inside Reese's car smoking marijuana. Reese is a security
guard at the complex.

"The good news is the Sheriff's Office responded quickly and made two
arrests, seizing the marijuana," Pohlmann said.

Both have been released from jail on bond.

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