[StBernard] Worker Bees Built shuttle Too

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Mon Aug 1 19:44:23 EDT 2011

The below is the letter that I sent to the Times Picayune. It was printed
Thursday July 28th. I attached a scanned picture of the article but its not
too clear. The original article was printed when Atlantis returned with
this one hitting my hot button because the press mentioned again the "St.
Tammany Residents" .

Being a manager and knowing that most of the people that actually did the
work lived elsewhere it pissed me off.
Need I say more.


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Ref - Space Shuttle's Final Landing, Associated Press Article.

So many of the articles related to the Space Shuttle always referred to
"The many St. Tammany Parish residents, especially in Slidell". It's
unfortunate that they don't mention the mass of blue collar workers that
resided in St. Bernard Parish and Orleans. Many of the working force that
performed the actual build of the Space Shuttle External Tank at the Michoud
Facility resided in other parishes. St. Tammany was primary homes to senior

I am a resident of St. Bernard Parish and was privileges to have worked in
management for Lockheed Martin 28 years until retirement in 2002.
Employees in my area of responsibility and others working in production
areas lived in St. Bernard and Orleans. These were the workers bees. The
people that issued the nuts, bolts, aluminum plates, tooling items,
components that fabricated the Thermal Protection System used in the build
including the certified production workers that actually assembled the tank.

It took all of us to achieve this success.

Jill W. Dolese, CPPM,CF
Retired Lockheed Martin Space System
2300 Despaux Dr.
Chalmette, La. 70043

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