[StBernard] St. Bernard Elections

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 30 19:44:41 EDT 2011

I agree Westley. Anyone with a grain of salt in politics should use any
portion of media that's available to the contest. Hightailing it with
insult to the populace in that area of (including blogs and other social
media online, TV, Radio, whatever--should know its equivalent to "social
cowardness". In other words, one should embrace the media (as a darling, if
he/she can), and if a situation arises, pull out plan B (go into damage
control or spin to deflect any resemblance of garbage thrown, personal
attacks or bones in the closet which needs explanation or burying).

Never attack a media. It shows disrespect, easy loss of temper or control,
and lack of knowledge/indecision. One never wants to be seen in a negative
light. It spreads much too fast.

Therefore, if one is expected to be in the line of duty, how can one face a
bullet, yet dodge verbiage and criticism? One should be "Lee-Like" (in
reference to Sheriff Lee of Jefferson, whom I and countless tens of
thousands admired).

Not a way to run for office. Not a way to win. Not a way to show a backside
moving away in times of adversity and stife.



That was the point of one of my earlier emails.

Landry bailed on this list just because he didn't like the question about
the placement of one sign. If he can't handle that, how is he going to
handle being sheriff? Not every email on here deserves an answer. After
publicly joining the list, Landry should have just stated his case about the
signs and then ignored everything else about it. Instead, he cried like a
baby and left. No spine.

I don't go seeking out anyone. Sometimes I barely have time to go thru
emails, much less go seeking out any candidates. Anyone is free to join the
list. In fact, the only people banned from the list (and if they can't
figure out how to get around the ban they are more of an idiot than I give
them credit for) is one lawyer that had in office in East (can't remember
his name, but he was causing problems right after Katrina) and anyone using
an email address from Sidney Torres' office.


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