[StBernard] Socialist Party Releases Names of Members in Congress

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 30 19:47:56 EDT 2011

"This must have been circulating for awhile because Robert Wexler (FL-19th)
resigned and is no longer in Congress. Don't know about the others. --JY"

Jer Responds:

More than not, in this generation of political gravity and spectrum, parties
have been moving toward opposite poles of the spectrum. If one were a demo,
he's moved toward socialism, in this case. More than not, because there is
much more governmental intervention into peoples' lives than ever before
(the buzzword one should look for is anything with the word "social" or
"communitarianism" in the program or dialog). Grouping is hardly good in
politics because it lacks individualism. (ex. Caucus). In the once
"liberal/demo" taste, pairing of splinter-like factions like "the
congressional black caucus" is but an example. This group has tainted
liberals and painted them into a socialist corner. Once MLK gave Negroes the
idea that rebellion is good, "stormtroopers" like Maxine Waters and Sheila
Lee ran with the idea to strengthen a faction of society into a political
force of dominance (as a minority even) to stoke agitation into Washington.

Therefore, they believe there is little wrong promoted if "socialism" is
adopted by liberals because it provides an end to the means of winning
strength and promoting "change" in once faithful people in America.

If a person of political persuasion was near the liberal (and once
democratic slide) on the spectrum once, the shift leftward has nudged so
over the past 100 years, and especially the past 50. Hardly noticeable like
some as liberal ideologues were patient enough to get the younger sect
indoctrinated, while strengthening their cause through aging (Like Bill

The resistance now is the Tea Parties. It has come full force to affront
the leftist movement.

It doesn't matter if the list was old, because being off the list doesn't
mean "change in the individual" or a replacement by others because the
socialist cause and movement continues in high places (U.S. President,
Congress and Senate). The line in the sand has been drawn and leftists and
conservatives will now take their places.


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