[StBernard] Bayham is a crock! and MORE!

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Sep 20 21:54:19 EDT 2011

Oooh, choices, choices, right? Nah!! Doh!!

Normally, I don't like to get involved in St. Bernard Politics, and with
state representation at hand, I don't actually see a clear choice.

This guy, Garofalo seems also to be telling half-truths. St. Bernard needs
honest representation from someone who can qualify as a decent politician at
this position<G>

Firstly, his ad says, "went into action, creating 'official website' ..
which was the ONLY way for our evacuated families to stay in touch".

Firsthand, I have firsthand knowledge that there WAS already an official
website before, during and after the storm in place and up and running
successfully. There's something wrong with a "proven leader - a Man of
action" who can take credit for "saving St. Bernard Parish" as if the second
coming had arrived.

It's beyond having an opinion about a campaigner.

Something to think about, perhaps.

As to everyone else, geez, isn't someone with good qualifications for the
position living in St. Bernard that can do a credible job of representation
and support for the help it needs? Maybe we can check the lodging at the
local Salvation Army to come up with qualifying politicians. Drawing from
the same old group of has-beens, half-truthers, tired career politicians and
wanna-bees leaves fewer choices, in fact.


The latest being heard is Bayham is furious because he is not getting much
help from established Republicans in the party because they are all going
with Garofalo, which has him furious at Garofalo even though Garofalo has
done nothing to him. It has gotten to the point where it is now believed
Bayham will throw mud at Garofalo, or worse, will cohort with Lauga and
Tonry to attack Garofalo. Wow, some loyal Republican Bayham turns out to
be. If he can't win it then he wants to trash the other Republican and try
to cause him to lose. What a guy! What a true conservative!

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