[StBernard] Clarifications

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 25 20:46:55 EDT 2011

Nope, Garofalo never ran in 2003 for District B Council, I know because I've
always lived in District B. Not sure about the other races. But still
relatively a newcomer in my book. Only a political hack would say
otherwise, someone like a professionally paid, registered political lobbyist
for the labor unions. Yeah, "that" is what we need. Let's bring the
problems in the State of Wisconsin down here to Louisiana. If you don't
think Chad Lauga doesn't want that, then you're either naïve, a fool or
both. Are we not tired of the same old hack political family names trying
to control St. Bernard parish? I am!


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Ray Garofalo has claimed in every race he's been in to be a "political
newcomer" - although, in my opinion, elected or not, once you run for an
office, you can't claim "newcomer" status.

Ray has run three previous times unsuccessfully, making this the fourth.

1987 - Police Juror, Ward B
1995 - Councilman at Large
2003 - Councilman, District B

Newcomer? Hardly. Wanna-be? Definitely.

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