[StBernard] Clarifications

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 25 20:53:58 EDT 2011

Well, I'll vote for Ray Garofalo any day of the week over a "union puppet"
like Chad Lauga or "trial lawyer puppet" like Tonry. You're then left with
a choice between Mike Bayham (laugh) and Garofalo. I've been to the state
ethics commission websites and saw with my own eyes where their campaign
money is coming from. Lauga is near entirely all unions, Tonry is near
entirely all trail lawyers, Bayham has none, and Garofalo is nearly entirely
self-funded, about 98% of over $150,000. Garofalo's opponents make this an
easy choice by default alone. We in St. Bernard are tired of candidates
being bought and paid for by unions and trial lawyers who haven't done crap
for this parish. Enough!

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Ray Garofalo has claimed in every race he's been in to be a "political
newcomer" - although, in my opinion, elected or not, once you run for an
office, you can't claim "newcomer" status.

Ray has run three previous times unsuccessfully, making this the fourth.

1987 - Police Juror, Ward B
1995 - Councilman at Large
2003 - Councilman, District B

Newcomer? Hardly. Wanna-be? Definitely.

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