[StBernard] Wayne Landry

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 25 23:18:45 EDT 2011

God help St. Bernard if Wayne Landry becomes Sheriff. In my opinion, he has
been running for this (or any office that pops up for that matter), since he
could cry Whaa! Whaa! It's his way or the highway.

This man is and will be a dictator, mark my word. Does anyone remember when
Ron Chapman resigned from the hospital board (in August 2010)? His
replacement was hand-picked by Councilman George Cavignac and Mr. Landry,
who by the way, previously voted themselves to the hospital board during a
council meeting without listing their names on the agenda. The opening for
the vacated seat was not advertised to the public!!!! This would have been
the democratic thing to do, however, Wayne Landry is not interested in a
democracy, only a dictatorship. Others should have had to the opportunity
to volunteer for the spot, therefore, having more candidates to choose from.
As luck would have it, the successor, Mr. John Gray, Sr. had worked for
over 15 years for Prefferedcare, a corporation that was owned by Wayne
Landry. How's that for stacking the deck????? As we know, Mr. Landry now
chairs the parish council and the hospital board and now wants to be
Sheriff. Too much power for one person. He's a Doc Meraux wanna-be!

Think people - do you want to put the future of St. Bernard in Wayne
Landry's hands? If you do, then you deserve him, plain and simple.

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