[StBernard] Candidate in St. Bernard election seen in viral Youtube video

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Candidate in St. Bernard election seen in viral Youtube video

Reported by: Kim Holden, Anchor Email: kholden at fox8tv.net

Published: 10/05 11:14 pm Share Updated: 10/05 11:27 pm
ST. BERNARD PARISH - A surveillance video that surfaced during the
investigation into the death of a local actor.. makes big waves in the race
for St. Bernard Sheriff.

The video, which hit you tube, attacks the character of one of the
well-known candidates, Wayne Landry.

The surveillance video is from a Bourbon Street bar on August 23rd, the last
night Treme Actor Michael Showers was seen alive.

His body was found in the Mississippi River the next day. His death still
listed as unclassified.

But it's who else shows up in the surveillance tape that is the focus of a
new YouTube video.

Councilman Wayne Landry was introduced to the actor at the bar by a mutual
friend, but he says he doesn't really remember the introduction and police
haven't asked him about that night.

"I don't even recall being introduced to the individual. The show that he's
on, I've never seen it in my life, couldn't tell you what it's about," says

The video, clearly an attack on Landry's character, is titled "Wayne Landry
Busted". It shows the candidate for St, Bernard Sheriff with a woman other
than his wife at the bar.

Since hitting YouTube Monday, the video's been viewed more than 5000 times.

Landry calls it a desperate and despicable attempt to smear his name.

"I was never approached by the sheriff's office in that investigation," says
Landry. "They purposely held that video as a tactic in not investigating
what went on with that incident. It's obvious they used the power of the
sheriff's office for their own personal gain."

One of his opponents in the race, Chad Clark, says "I think it's an issue
when Wayne Landry stood up in the church last Saturday night and said he was
happily married to his wife and that he was an altar boy. I have a problem
with that."

But Clark says he's not behind the negative campaigning, although he admits
he does have a copy of the video.

"And I'm not ashamed to say I have it. I requested it because there was so
much buzz going around about Landry. Did I use it? Absolutely not," says

Barry Bernadas, another candidate in the sheriff's race, also distanced
himself from the YouTube video.
Bernadas says, "As far as mudslinging, I'm not part of that. It's hurtful to
everyone involved and it's actually hurtful to the people of St. Bernard

Jimmy Pohlmann, the chief deputy in the running as well, agrees there's no
place for that in the race.
"It's sad and very hurtful to parties involved, and I think it's very sad
that anyone would go to that length of campaigning. It doesn't work," says

Landry says it won't affect his run for the top law enforcement job in the
"Let me say this. Make no mistake about it," says Landry. "There's no amount
of personal attacks that will stop me from standing up for the people of St.
Bernard Parish."

All four candidates took part in a sheriff's race forum put on by the St.
Bernard Chamber of Commerce.

The sheriff's office says it released the surveillance video from the bar
because there were public records requests and its case involving a missing
person was closed.

The NOPD is still looking into Michael Showers' death.

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