[StBernard] More "kook" rumors on Ray Garofalo

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Oct 6 16:33:14 EDT 2011

It never ceases to amaze me. It used to be a political candidate's words
would get twisted around by his opponents to make him look bad, but no
longer. Today, candidates have become impatient and no longer wait to see
what their opponent says - they just "make stuff up" and claim their
opponent said it.

The latest "bs" is Ray Garofalo is going to raise the retirement age of
firemen and deputies. Absurd! The joke of this is the subject of
retirement age for public employees has "never" been talked about by Ray nor
has anyone come up to him to ask about the same subject. But yet, two
firemen with the St. Bernard Parish Fire Department, who are good friends of
Ray AND voting for him, called to let him know this was the rumor going
around. Naturally, they let us know this was specifically coming from the
union candidate's campaign in the race - and that figures! We've checked
around with other members of the both the fire department and sheriff's
office, and they confirmed the rumor attempt was true. But hey - if the
lie is to scare someone into voting for ya, then no problem, right?

I'm shaking my head at this - not only is Ray a former deputy, but we
clearly dispelled any basis to possible future retirement and pension rumors
in a large newspaper ad a few weeks back. Kinda makes you wonder what they
are afraid of, huh?

Oh, and Ray Garofalo is "not" involved with any other election or candidate.
What candidates in their right minds would get involved in somebody else's
race? It doesn't make any sense - it can only burn a candidate. That
rarely happens unless there are still some of the good ol' political tickets
around - which I haven't seen in decades.

So far - with the exception of some absurd rumors about Ray Garofalo - the
State Representative race has been a clean one and rather low-key - and
let's keep it that way. Stop all the "bs" rumors and let voters make a
determination based on the candidate's background, their experience and
reasons for running. If we do that, in the end we'll elect someone who will
be dedicated to the job and work hard for St. Bernard parish's interests.
In fact, that's how we should look at all the candidates in every race on
the ballot.


John Scurich

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