[StBernard] St. Bernard Parish officials celebrate completion of canal crossings: Eight more canal crossings see $725, 000 in FEMA funded repairs

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Tue Oct 18 08:03:43 EDT 2011

St. Bernard Parish officials celebrate completion of the Group 3 Canal
Crossing Project

Eight more canal crossings see $725,000 in FEMA funded repairs

St. Bernard Parish President Craig P. Taffaro Jr. joined local, state and
federal partners to mark the completion of another series of repairs and
renovations to eight critical canal crossings in a ceremony at the repaired
canal crossing over the Bluebird Canal on Packenham Avenue just north of
West Claiborne Square in Chalmette.

For this project, FEMA paid for $725,000 in repairs at locations that
experienced scouring, erosion, and material loss from Hurricane Katrina's
winds and flooding.

"Projects like this make St. Bernard neighborhoods safer by providing
reliable crossings," President Taffaro said. "We can't make these projects
happen without the cooperation and good working relations among our local
officials with our partners with FEMA and the state Governor's Office of
Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness."

FEMA Albert Walters, FEMA's Public Assistance Group Supervisor, also
attended the ceremony.

"FEMA and the parish have developed a great partnership," Walters said. "We
are going to continue to evaluate canal crossings and make the determination
to get the parish back to its pre-disaster drainage capacity."

As part of the recovery efforts, repairs and replacements were made with
FEMA funding. In some locations, such as Packenham, full replacement was
made with a more robust concrete box design including replacement of the
roadway and embankment material. In addition, seven other locations were
improved to reduce the consequences of future hurricanes. Some of these
mitigation improvements include channel restoration around the culverts and
the addition of rip rap material to reduce future erosion and scouring
caused by flooding.

Here is a list of where the repairs were done to make the street crossings
secure and safe:

. St. Marie at 20 Arpent

. Benjamin at Eickes Canal

. Packenham at Bluebird Canal

. Deer Creek at 20 Arpent Canal

. Ohio at Palmisano

. Michigan at Palmisano Canal

. Wisconsin at Palmisano Canal

. Jacob at 20 Arpent Canal

The contractor was Fenton Excavating and Construction, Inc., and the firm in
charge of architecture and engineering was Jordan, Jones and Goulding, Inc,
a Jacobs Company. Shannon Dotson is this project's manager for CDM, Steve
Brice is CDM's FEMA liaison and Dennis Tauzin has oversight over all
FEMA-funded recovery projects for St. Bernard. President Taffaro thanked all
of the partners as well as the government employees who have a hand in
managing the project including Chief Administrative Officer Dave Dysart, St.
Bernard Parish Recovery Director Michael Dorris, Jr. and his staff, and
Public Works Director Kenneth Odinet and his staff, including Diana Goin who
is the project's resident inspector.

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