[StBernard] False attack and lies about Ray Garofalo by State Democratic Party

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 18 08:04:38 EDT 2011

John, does he have any video poker machines located in the parish or
Just curious because I had read somewhere that's where most of his money
comes from.

Just a quick clarification: The Louisiana State Democratic
Committee just
put on a hit piece on Ray Garofalo claiming he makes $125,000 a year
"supposedly" from having ownership interests in video poker truck
WRONG and a LIE. Garofalo has NO interests at all in any truck
notta - never has, never will!

Also, they conveniently left out Garofalo has not received, nor been
approached, by any organizations representing gaming interests to
give him a
contribution. Garofalo has publicly stated on more than one
occasion that
he would refuse such contributions.

The $125,000 the State Democratic Party mentions from Garofalo's
report is from his helping a few local restaurant owners in St.
parish obtain "their" video poker licenses - and the $125,000 figure
is a
"gross" income figure, not net. After overhead and costs, that
figure is
considerably lower. That is why Garofalo has made clear that his
business interests are in the development (and renovation) of
commercial and
retail property - that's where the money is being made today.
Strange, how
the State Democratic Party conveniently left that part out. But
what do you
expect of the party that works to keep Barack Obama in office?

This just goes to show how desperate and low the liberal Democratic
will stoop to win. On election day, let the State Democratic Party
that we're not going to let them try to turn Louisiana into another

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