[StBernard] Supreme Corut Ruling on District A Vote Challenge

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Dec 13 22:27:09 EST 2011

Living in Dallas makes it a little harder, since now you are bringing
another state's laws into action also.

You do still have to be a resident of Louisiana. However, way before
Katrina, I lived in Houston for a year and a half and never changed my


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Tobias said:

accordingly, as long as an individual is a citizen of Louisiana and
years of age, an individual citizen must be allowed to determine
where he or
she should vote because he or she has a meaningful relationship to
the place
where he or she is registered to vote.

So according to him "home is where the heart is" ?

So even if I lived in Dallas TX, but didn't vote there but *felt* I
had a
**meaningful relationship** to St. Bernard, I could just mosey on
down to da
Parish and vote for any election. Do I have that right?

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