[StBernard] voter domicile issue

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Dec 13 23:25:19 EST 2011


I'm looking at this from a statewide level and not just a St. Bernard issue.

I think a resident/business owner/employee should be able to decide in which
parish they have a greater interest in the workings of local government.
Again, it all boils down to having skin in the game.

A resident has an interest in how their local government works since they
are the direct beneficiaries of whatever that local government does. A
business owner has an interest because they are paying taxes to the local
government and have to abide by the rules and regulations established by the
local government.

Depending on how high up the corporate ladder an employee is within a
company, they may a stronger interest in local government since it will
affect the company they work for and their livelihood.

I do think it is a personal decision that everyone needs to make on their

I own my own business and do work in St. Bernard, just not anywhere near the
level where I am more concerned with government in St. Bernard than in
Lafourche (for all its problem's, St. Bernard is much better run than
Lafourche). However, I do know people with their own businesses in St.
Bernard that don't live in the parish any more, but because of their
businesses have a stronger stake in St. Bernard government than their home

In Peter Rupp's case (whom I supported), he got lazy. If he went to the ROV
with a complaint and Ms. Bourg refused his complaint, he should have sought
legal help at that time from either an attorney well-versed in election law,
DA Rowley, or the state Attorney General.

As I've stated before, the courts are very reluctant to dismiss a voter,
especially after they have cast a vote. It is almost like in a case of who
owns an item. Without very clear legal documents stating who the rightful
owner is, the courts will side with whoever currently has possession, hence
the phrase, "possession is nine-tenths of the law".

It's a tough lesson, but it is a lesson learned. Everyone within the metro
area got a lesson on election laws and the law of unintended consequences
(thanks to no sunset provision on the Katrina rule). Hopefully, Peter also
learned a second lesson, pointed out earlier by John Scurich. "Don't wait
until the last minute to start campaigning."


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