[StBernard] beer brewery supposedly proposed for Chalona neighborhood

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Mar 1 19:52:41 EST 2012

I cannot identify the writer of this email but it was apparently from a
concerned neighbor in this area. Thought it might be relevant.

Please forward.

A neighbor knocked on my door this afternoon. Her friend on Volpe is
concerned about a C1 property recently sold to Cardon Real Estate Holding.
They just recently purchased land on Chalona Drive in Chalmette. It has an
existing warehouse on it. It is zoned "Neighborhood Commercial" C1, which
is for the convenience of the neighborhood. However, the existing warehouse
and C1 zoning must have been grandfathered in because it goes much further
back then the allowed 250 feet from St. Bernard Hwy. This is behind the
Chalona Apartments on St. Bernard Hwy, back through a gravel type roadway,
and is surrounded by residentially zoned R-1 single family homes-- you know,
the kind people of St. Bernard Parish re-invested absolutely everything they
had left into.

They say the warehouse had been used for roofing supply storage for a
roofing company on St. Bernard Hwy.

The new owners, Cardon Real Estate, want a zoning change from C1 to C2 for
over 600 feet off St. Bernard Hwy supposedly for a Beer Brewery. I don't
really know how convenient that would be for the neighbors, let alone
safety, noise and odor concerns.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing yesterday and the neighbors
submitted a petition to oppose the zoning.
The Council's public hearing will be later. It'll be interesting to see how
this type of spot zoning conforms to the proposed master land use changes
which are to preserve and protect the integrity of our residential

If I have the opportunity to view the zoning change application I will
forward a copy along with a copy of the petition. The neighbors say one of
the planning commissioners asked why weren't all the people who signed the
petition at the meeting. The meeting was at 4pm.

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