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Jindal Weekly Update

Governor Jindal capped off a week that included fighting and beating an
unprecedented tax hike on families and businesses in Louisiana, and also
getting word of an important ruling from the Louisiana Supreme Court
regarding the Louisiana Scholarship Program which provides school choice to
Louisiana families. Members of the Legislature rolled out a proposed $1.3
billion tax increase earlier this week, but Governor Jindal was able to
argue that tax increases would be devastating to economic growth, and
legislators finally agreed to abandon their job-killing plan.

On the education front, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that Governor
Jindal's school scholarship program was alive and well. Finally, Louisiana
continued to improve in national economic rankings with Chief Executive
Magazine writing that Louisiana was the 11th best state to do business in
2012, significantly improved from the ranking of 47th in the nation in 2006.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor's Week:

Governor Jindal's Pressure On House Lawmakers
16&digest=tOkzDd1IuRIcNAwLy87cCg&sysid=1> Attempting To Raise Taxes Caused
Them To Abandon Their Job-Killing Plan. Some Republican lawmakers appear to
be getting cold feet about a compromise budget plan that would use a mix of
reduced tax breaks and some cuts to balance Louisiana's $24.7 billion
spending plan. The details of the deal between a faction of the GOP and
Democratic House members were announced Monday night but one of the lead
negotiators said members were already raising issues with the proposal a day
later. The potential for changes in the compromise plan developed as Gov.
Bobby Jindal, supported by representatives of industries that would see
their incentives cut as part of the proposal, blasted the plan as a massive
tax increase that would hurt the state's economy.

Governor Jindal Lauded Legislators
16&digest=YLweGrbvMdRSu7itju%2fyfA&sysid=1> For Abandoning Their Tax
Increase Plan. Jindal called a news conference minutes later and said he was
happy the coalition had abandoned its original plan, which would have raised
$1.3 billion in taxes over four years. The governor said he is still waiting
for details of the House proposal and noted that it also has to have the
approval of the state Senate. Some parts of the plan cause him concerns,
Jindal said. He added he still opposes any tax increases and said any
revenues saved from tax credits that are eliminated have to be used

Governor Jindal Penned An Op-Ed
16&digest=J3UVCNdS6nmpDPSvcp5Ghg&sysid=1> Arguing That Any Proposed Tax
Increases Passed By The Legislature Would Roll-Back The Economic Progress
Louisiana Has Made In The Last Several Years. Fast forward to 2013, and
there's a secret plan being cooked up by some members in the House of
Representatives that will set us back generations. If the House succeeds in
passing the $1.3 billion job killing tax increase some members are
championing, we will be jeopardizing the gains we've made. The old way of
doing business in Louisiana wasn't working, so we set out to change course
and entirely remake Louisiana's economy. Our vision included eliminating
burdensome business taxes and regulations and revamping our workforce
development programs so that we could cultivate a business-friendly
environment where job creators would create opportunities for our people. .
. . All of our progress is now in jeopardy. The plan presented by some
members of the Legislature would result in job-killing tax increases to
businesses and individuals across Louisiana. It breaks promises and will put
jobs in jeopardy, threatening Louisiana's economic growth.

Chief Executive Magazine Unveiled New Rankings
16&digest=py6QneCNDhIQVPMH7Fq8XQ&sysid=1> Showing Since 2009, Louisiana Has
Improved A Nation-Best 33 Spots In The Survey Of Best & Worst States For
Business, Moving To The Ranking Of 11th Best State In 2012, The State's
Highest Position Ever. Louisiana was ranked as the 11th best state to do
business in, according to a survey of more than 730 CEOs. The state moved up
two spots in Chief Executive magazine from where it was in 2012. J.P.
Donlon, Chief Executive's editor-in-chief, said Louisiana has come a long
way since 2006, when the state was ranked 47th overall. Chief Executive
asked business leaders to grade factors such as taxation and regulation,
quality of workforce and living environment to determine the ranking.

The Louisiana Supreme Court Upheld Legislation
16&digest=UYtZFMGav2f79wWW%2bdfI1w&sysid=1> Passed By Governor Jindal
Creating A Statewide Scholarship Program To Allow School Choice. The
Louisiana Supreme Court on Tuesday declared that the way the Jindal
administration has been financing a statewide school voucher program is
unconstitutional . . . The high court, however, did not strike down the
legislation authorizing vouchers, and left the door open for the
administration to use other public funds to pay for the program. . . .
Jindal and state Superintendent John White called the decision a victory
because it leaves intact the substance of the voucher initiative, officially
called the Louisiana Scholarship Program. . . . "This ruling means that the
Scholarship Program is alive and well," Jindal said in a statement.

Governor Jindal Held A Press Conference
16&digest=rkEDe0KEVvRE6K8%2f%2b3GTzg&sysid=1> Where He Lauded The Court
Ruling For Upholding The School Choice Program And Pledged To Fund The
Scholarship Program. Governor Jindal: "I know there are a lot of moms out
there waiting with bated breath to see what was going to happen with this
court decision. I would tell those moms that they can breathe a deep sigh
of relief. Their kids can stay in this program. .But the most important
message I want moms and dads to hear across the state is I've seen their
faces. We went to New Orleans East for example, and sat with kids and moms -
and we've been to schools all over this state where kids are excited -
they're getting a chance to get a great education. Moms and dads are getting
a chance to choose where their kids get to go to school. I want those
parents to know the good news is they can continue in their program, they
can continue next year."

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