[StBernard] In Case You Missed It - Gov. Jindal: New Orleans Is America's Comeback City

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Gov. Jindal: New Orleans Is America's Comeback City

New Orleans is America's comeback city

Governor Bobby Jindal
August 11, 2013



When I took office, we set out to make Louisiana the best place in the world
in which to live, work and raise a family. In order to do so, we immediately
got to work on strengthening governmental ethics laws, cutting taxes,
revamping our workforce development programs and reforming our education
system so that we could create a competitive business climate. Thanks to
these and other reforms, targeted state investments and aggressive business
development efforts, Louisiana now ranks higher in every national
business-climate ranking than it ever did prior to 2008. Nowhere in
Louisiana is our hard work on display more so than in New Orleans and the
surrounding areas.


In decades past, the continuous, slow decline of New Orleans was a leading
contributor to the economic underperformance of our entire state. Today, New
Orleans is one of Louisiana's consistent growth drivers for both jobs and
population. Bloomberg even designated New Orleans the No. 2 Boomtown in

Thanks to determined work over the past few years at both the state and
local levels, New Orleans today outshines virtually every expectation from
the bleak days after Hurricane Katrina. Twenty years from now, people may
look back at this time as one of the most remarkable turnarounds of a major
American city. As New Orleans approaches its tricentennial, we will continue
working to make this great city a shining example of urban possibility.


For many people around the world, New Orleans defines their perception of
Louisiana. Fortunately, this special city has begun a remarkably positive
second act, and its future is very, very bright."

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