[StBernard] In Case You Missed It - Gov. Jindal: ObamaCare's 'Navigator' Program Ripe For Disaster

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Mon Aug 12 13:25:52 EDT 2013

Gov. Jindal: ObamaCare's 'Navigator' Program Ripe For Disaster

ObamaCare's 'navigator' program ripe for disaster

Governor Bobby Jindal
Fox News
August 12, 2013


"We already know ObamaCare is a poorly conceived law that is unworkable in
the real world. We know the law is already driving health care premiums
through the roof contrary to what President Obama promised. For instance, in
my home state, our largest health insurance provider reported recently that
health care premiums could go up by more than 200 percent on some customers,
and the average increase could be almost 30 percent according to one study.


But wait, as they say in the infomercials, there's more! By August 15, the
Obama administration is expected to spend $54 million of our tax dollars to
hire community organizers to push this law on the American people. The
president was once a self-professed community organizer, so perhaps this is
his way of 'giving back' as they say.


Over the next few weeks, the Obama administration is set to dole out grants
and begin to hire thousands of marketers to help sell ObamaCare. The Obama
administration came up with a clever name for these marketers - 'navigators'
- who are charged with helping to sign people up for ObamaCare.


Like he did with the delay of the employer mandate, the president needs to
halt these lucrative grants to the 'navigator' program immediately.

ObamaCare is just not ready for primetime, and there is something more than
a little odd about using taxpayer money for a marketing campaign aimed at
taxpayers. The troubling details of the navigator program provide just
another example of the poor planning and implementation of ObamaCare and
shows why the law must be repealed."

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