[StBernard] 2013 Political Forum for Judicial Candidates

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Sat Oct 5 08:30:12 EDT 2013

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St. Bernard Chamber Political Forum

34th Judicial District, Division B

October 11, 5:30 PM

2013 Chamber Political Forum

34th Judicial District, Division B

with candidates

Jeanne Juneau and Kim Jones

When: Friday, October 11, 5:30 PM


St. Bernard Parish Council Chambers

8201 West Judge Perez Dr.

Chalmette, Louisiana 70043

Please note that this forum does not entail an endorsement process. The
forum is formatted to be informational in nature and to provide the business
community and residents of St. Bernard Parish the opportunity to learn
about the candidates and elections which impact St. Bernard Parish.


Each Candidate will be allowed two minutes for an opening statement.
Following opening statements, the candidates will be asked a total of 5
questions. Each question will be addressed by each candidate in alternating
order. Each Candidate will be allowed two minutes for a closing statement.

Rules for Conduct:

Candidates will be mindful of the timekeeper and will end promptly when his
or her time to speak has expired. Additionally, candidates will be
respectful of their opponents and refrain from any interruptions. If a
candidate is unable to attend, a representative or alternate for the
candidate will not be allowed to speak on the absent candidate's behalf.

The Public will be invited to listen to the candidates only. The public is
asked not to wear, distribute or display any colors, logos, signs,
literature, etc. showing support for any candidate. Additionally, the
public will be respectful of all candidates and will refrain from any form
of interruption. Questions will not be taken from the floor.

Stephen Reuther, CEO

Office: (504) 277-4001

Cell: (504) 250-6121

Email: Director at StBernardChamber.org

www.StBernardChamber.org <http://www.StBernardChamber.org>

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