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Jindal Weekly Update

Governor Jindal finished the week by holding a Unified Command Group
briefing with cabinet officials and emergency responders to prepare for
Tropical Storm Karen which is expected to impact Southeast Louisiana over
the weekend. Earlier in the week, Governor Jindal was on hand to announce
multiple economic development wins for Louisiana. The Governor also
unveiled a new campaign by the Republican Governors Association highlighting
the successes being made by Republican Governors across the country despite
the dysfunction in Washington D.C. Additionally, Governor Jindal sent a
letter to President Obama and Attorney General Holder inviting them to
Louisiana to sit down with parents and children utilizing the school choice
scholarship program to discuss how the Department of Justice lawsuit would
damage equal opportunity of education.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The News About The Governor's Week:

16&digest=8RS1g%2fzmHetVjr0p4pV5Dg&sysid=1> Governor Jindal Held A Unified
Command Group
16&digest=eNF4Qxu4AlGMDV9YrEOQUg&sysid=1> Meeting In Preparation For
Tropical Storm Karen Expected To Make Landfall In Southeast Louisiana This
Weekend. Gov. Bobby Jindal has activated 650 Louisiana National Guards
troops as the state prepares for Tropical Storm Karen. Jindal met Thursday
evening with his Cabinet and emergency personnel of the state's Unified
Command Group at the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency
Preparedness in Baton Rouge. Five parishes -- Jefferson, Plaquemines,
Orleans, St. Tammany and St. Bernard -- are currently in a hurricane watch
area for this weekend. Additional parishes -- St. John, Livingston and
Tangipahoa -- are in a tropical storm watch area, according to a news
release sent from the governor's office. "Tropical Storm Karen continues to
move north through the Gulf, and tropical storm winds will be felt in
Plaquemines Parish beginning tomorrow night," Jindal said in a statement.
"We are encouraging everyone to get a game plan now and stay alert by
monitoring local weather conditions in their area."

Governor Jindal Penned A Column
16&digest=%2bj3xwZgoj7%2bA%2f00GROex3g&sysid=1> Contrasting President
Obama's Leadership And The Dysfunction In Washington D.C. To The Great
Results Being Accomplished Outside The Beltway By Republican Governors.
What do leaders do? What do chief executives do? They lead their allies in
unity, and they reach out to their opponents in search of consensus and
converts. The president has completely failed to do this, and the
dysfunction in Washington is primarily his dysfunction. The buck stops at
the president's desk. What you are seeing is President Obama's Washington.
Washington dysfunction is the failure of leadership in the Oval Office. . .
. Republican governors are not going to take it anymore. We are not going to
allow the Republican Party to be defined by the dysfunction in Washington.
Republican governors are amassing great results outside the beltway. They
are taking conservative ideas, putting them into action, and it is working.
It's a story that doesn't get told in Washington, it's missed by the
national news media, partly because of the lack of failure or drama.

Governor Jindal Unveiled An Initiative
16&digest=WWvzVcI9r%2bod1gdZo%2blKhA&sysid=1> By The Republican Governors
Association Aimed At Highlighting Accomplishments Of Republican Governors
Across The Country Despite The Dysfunction In Washington D.C. The shutdown
"is an example of the dysfunction in D.C.," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R),
chairman of the Republican Governors Association, told reporters Wednesday.
"As governors, we have outsourced the Republican brand to D.C., and it's
time to stop that." The RGA on Thursday rolled out the first in a series of
what it described as a major digital advertising campaign that will promote
their members' work in the states. On Thursday morning, advertisements for
the initiative, dubbed American Comeback, were splashed across the top of
the Drudge Report and other conservative Web sites. The RGA will highlight
interviews with Republican governors, including those seeking reelection in
competitive states next year.

Governor Jindal Wrote A Letter
16&digest=7vAqi9LTizcCC7Naj6gINg&sysid=1> To President Obama And Attorney
General Holder Inviting Them To Louisiana To Sit Down With Parents And
Students And Discuss The Importance Of Equal Opportunity Of Education. Gov.
Bobby Jindal has asked President Barack Obama to check out Louisiana's
voucher program firsthand, saying the visit would make him scrap an
administration lawsuit against the program. Jindal sent a letter Monday to
the White House inviting Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to a private
school that accepts voucher students, whose education is paid with state tax
dollars. "I am sure you would agree that it is critical to sit down with
parents and students who are enrolled in the program to discuss their
experiences at the new schools and how it compares to the experiences at
their previous failing schools," the Republican governor says in the letter,
a copy of which was first obtained by The Associated Press. "I believe if
you and the Attorney General are able to hear firsthand from parents about
the experiences their children are having in the program, then you will
reconsider the suit," Jindal wrote.

A Study Was Released
16&digest=tnPVx1lxDPAsrsRWvw%2bDtg&sysid=1> Showing The Louisiana
Scholarship Program Has Actually Improved Racial Desegregation In Louisiana
Schools Contrary To The Department Of Justice Claims. In some cases,
students transferring out of public schools through Louisiana's voucher
program improved the racial balance in the schools they left behind, as well
as that of the schools they entered, according to a study released Thursday
by EducationNext. The study examines 841 children, about 17 percent of the
roughly 4,950 students who used vouchers in the 2012-13 school year. "The
statewide school voucher program appears to have brought greater integration
to Louisiana's public schools," authors Anna Egalite and Jonathan Mills
write. The findings directly contradict a lawsuit from the U.S. Justice
Department that aims to block voucher assignments next fall on the grounds
that the program has increased segregation in 13 of the 34 state school
systems that are under long-standing desegregation orders.

Governor Jindal Was On Hand To Celebrate The Opening
16&digest=nv4fQhODvq6zDahUMMY%2fgA&sysid=1> Of An Upgraded Shipping
Facility Which Will Help Local Farmers And Result In The Employment Of Up To
60 Additional People. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Tuesday celebrated a state
of the art grain and oilseed export elevator at the Port of Baton Rouge,
which comes after construction, expansion and upgrades to the facility worth
$150 million. The elevator is made to handle up to five million metric tons
of grains and oilseeds annually during the first phase of its operation.
Company officials, however, estimate these volumes to increase to more than
six million metric tons after all improvements have been completed. "Louis
Dreyfus Commodities invested $150 million to expand and modernize this
facility, which will further support our farmers by shipping more Louisiana
products around the world," Gov. Bobby Jindal said Tuesday morning.
Officials said a significant part of the products will be sourced from farm
communities immediately surrounding Baton Rouge, and the terminal will hire
up to 60 people when operating at full capacity.

First Lady Supriya Jindal
16&digest=HjkNUvmvBO96h%2bc6N71nMA&sysid=1> Visited An Elementary School To
Participate In The "Read For The Record" Campaign. Wednesday, first lady
Supriya Jindal visited Choudrant Elementary in Lincoln Parish to participate
in Jumpstart's annual Read for the Record campaign. Jindal is an advocate of
early childhood education and strongly believes in the impact of reading
with children at a young age. She has participated in this event for the
past five years and has encouraged other first spouses to do the same. "I am
thrilled to once again have the honor of participating in the annual Read
for the Record campaignn and I greatly enjoyed my visit to Choudrant
Elementary," Jindal said. "Our goal is to encourage all of our State's
children to read everyday. I hope all parents will join me in reading
nightly with their young children." Jindal continued, "I am so very proud of
Louisiana's students - they are a true reflection of the dedication of
parents and teachers across our Great State."

Recent Bureau Of Economic Analysis
16&digest=uWUIM3jQXndVRJtRZXaLZQ&sysid=1> Indicated Louisiana Residents'
Personal Income Showed The 4th Highest Growth Rate In The Country. Louisiana
residents' personal income showed the fourth highest rate of growth in the
country during the second quarter, according to estimates released Monday by
the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Only Arizona, Florida and New
Hampshire grew faster, the report shows. Louisiana personal income grew by
1.3 percent from April 1 to June 30 to $187.6 billion, the report shows.
Nationwide, personal income grew by 1 percent.

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