Talbert Pipes- Three new Talbert Briars posted

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sun Apr 2 18:06:13 EDT 2006

Hello to everyone on our mailing list!
Three more new Talbert sandblasts are posted. If it seems like we are
really hammering on production, we are. We're in the middle of "Chicago
Show Season", a time of year when sales are typically slow to nil as
collectors all around the world are saving their pennies for the trip to
the show. This makes it an EXCELLENT opportunity to build up some
inventory. I hate having empty shelves - While it might be taken as a
sign of being "hot", the reality is that if people come to the site and
don't see anything available to buy, they often don't come back to look
again, assuming there's never any stock. So, with luck, we can use this
little open window to really work hard and produce a few more pipes than
the immediate demand, so we can have some actually available in
inventory, for once! We'll see how it goes. The three new Talberts are a
nice set, with two bent Snooker shapes and a pleasantly sinister
straight black billiard.
See them here:


It's about midnight here so I'll be off to bed in not too much longer,
and probably won't be able to answer emails until tomorrow morning. If
any pipes are spoken for during the night, I will sell them first-come
according to the time of the email, and get in touch ASAP tomorrow.
Thanks, everyone, and good night!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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