Talbert Pipes- Another late night Talbert Briar update

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Thu Apr 20 17:29:54 EDT 2006

Hello to everyone on our mailing list! Yet again, I find myself sitting
up at the computer at 11:15pm, just finishing up the upload of a new set
of Talbert Briars. It has been a busy couple of weeks since the last
update. I've been working on finishing up the other two examples of my
Moebius Bolus shape, and I had a pleasant surprise pipe finished also.
Comments on the first example of the Moebius Bolus were very strong and
nearly totally love/hate, which is always a good sign - basically,
anytime one can produce a pipe that provokes a strong emotional
reaction, one is treading a bit closer to the borderline between craft
and art.....or craft and junk, as the naysayers would likely say! ;)

In any event, the shape is evolving and for my money #3 is the neatest,
even though neither of the two new ones match the grain of the first
one. See them here:


The surprise pipe was a freehand that I'd discarded a coupe of weeks
ago, stumped as to what to do with it next. I picked it up while
working on the MBs and knew exactly what to do with it, and it turned
into one of the few-and-far-between smooth Signature grades, as well as
being my own little tribute to US pipemaker Joe Mariner. See it here:


There is also a new Ligne Bretagne Collector posted, for those with
tighter wallets and/or more conventional tastes. It looks a bit out of
place to see a big group 5-sized sandblasted billiard amongst this
avant-garde stuff, but variety is the spice of life. It is here:


Finally, after some years of struggle, I am pleased to announce the
reinstatement of our old multiple pipe purchase discount. Anyone buying
two Talbert Briars at one time gets an automatic 10% off! It was like
this for years in the US, but after we moved things were so tight for so
long that we had to scramble for every penny we could get. Note that
this also applies to Talbert Mortas and Ligne Bretagnes, but only for
purchases within the same line. No buying a 1500 € Talbert and a 77 € LB
to get the Talbert cheaper than it would be to buy it alone, for example ;)
Thanks very much for your time! I am now off to enjoy a bucket of
nachos and salsa while watching that cinematic masterpiece "Lone Wolf
McQuade"... perhaps one of the best cheese flicks ever made. I'll try
to answer any immediate urgent emails, but most likely I won't be
answering until tomorrow, so please don't fret if anyone doesn't receive
an immediate reply.
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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