Talbert Pipes- Halloween pic, new morta, and more

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Mon Apr 14 15:56:08 EDT 2008

Bonjour! This is a quick follow-up to my last email notice. A couple
of people asked me about what on earth I had in mind when I mentioned a
Talbert Halloween set of classical shapes, so I thought I would post one
of the initial design sketches to the pipe blog for a little preview:


Perhaps that will give some better idea of what a "Halloween straight
billiard" might be like!

In other news, I have just posted the first Morta Classic in AGES to the
catalog - see it here:


It's a smooth poker, very dense, very black, with thick walls and a
chunky shape. Quite a nice piece.

Finally, for those who may be interested, someone has one of my older
Talbert Briars up on Ebay now:


It's a 2001 pipe, very large, and it should please my friend Jorg since
it doesn't have a ring between the bamboo and the briar ;)

I can't even remember if I mentioned this previously or not, but there
are also three new Ligne Bretagnes posted - they went up over the
weekend. They'll be the last LBs for a while, as I need to move on to
other things, like these billiards and a certain Rameses...

Thanks for your time!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

See my pipe blog here:

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