Talbert Pipes- Two new pipes posted

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Fri Dec 18 21:53:19 EST 2009

Hello everyone! This is the follow-up announcement to the earlier
email this week. I mentioned in the previous email that I had one
more Talbert Briar to post, and it is now up, along with a surprise
(for you and me both!) - the last Talbert Morta Classic from the
Brittany workshop. You can read about its strange story on its
description page. As before, these are older pipes, but still new and
unsmoked thanks to unusual factors in each case. These are also the
last two pipes I will post until we have all-new inventory to
officially open the new website with. So, this will probably be the
last you hear from me for a month, more than likely. I've put all
the pipes on the main Talbert catalog page now, so you can see what's
available in one spot:


As I write this tonight, we are having a marvelous snowstorm,
predicted to turn into a sleet storm overnight and then back into snow
tomorrow (Those who follow my Facebook profile will have seen the
photos already). If anyone buys one of the pipes tonight, I hope they
can forgive me for waiting until the roads are cleared on Monday to
ship it - our tires are pretty much slick as glass, so I doubt we will
be venturing out over the weekend. Better to stay indoors with a nice
pipe and a good beer and a few Christmas movies on video! It's
remarkably odd, this weather - First time I can remember seeing snow
in December since my childhood. Words can't express how nice it is to
have a white Christmas as part of our welcome back to North Carolina.
I hope everyone will have a terrific weekend and stay safe! I'll
probably spend tomorrow pelting my wife with snowballs and walking
around our neighborhood taking pictures.

Happy holidays to all!
Trever Talbert

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