Talbert Pipes- Introducing the new Ligne Bretagne Dukes & Dons!

Trever Talbert trever at talbertpipes.com
Sat Jan 31 17:51:16 EST 2015

Hello all!  January 2015 has not just brought in the new Talbert Pipes
magnetic pipe stands, it's also seeing a whole new shape and style added to
the Ligne Bretagne brand.  For a long time now, I've wanted to do Duke &
Don versions of some of the bowl designs, and finally took the time this
month to set up (and in some cases, machine from scratch) the tooling
required to do it efficiently and repeatedly.  The result?  The first seven
of the new style Ligne Bretagnes are now posted for sale on the catalog
page here:


Also, for those odd folks out there who are interested in the "Behind the
scenes" stuff of tooling and production, I've written a new Pipe Blog post
about the process behind turning these from an idea into a repeatable end
creation.  Lots of pics, too!


And here they are below, in the attached pic, in their first "group

I hope they'll be enjoyed, and as always, thank you all very much for your
time, your interest, and your support over these last seventeen years of
our workshop!
Happy Smoking,
Trever Talbert

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