Markdown Extra Spec: Parsing Section

John MacFarlane jgm at
Fri May 9 15:06:08 EDT 2008

> > could be converted into a reference-style link like this:

> >

> > [[link with embedded brackets]]


> I don't believe Markdown allows for links to be defined like this. A

> reference style link would be defined as:


> [[link with embedded brackets]][link with embedded brackets]


> or


> [link with embedded brackets][]

Newer versions of and PHP Markdown do allow the trailing
'[]' to be omitted.

% --version

This is Markdown, version 1.0.2b8.
Copyright 2004 John Gruber


[hi]: /url

<p><a href="/url">hi</a></p>

I agree that without this style of reference links, it would make more
sense to distinguish between link text and 'refnames'. But this style of
link gives a reason not to distinguish them.


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