How to insert a blank line between blockquote paragraphs?

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Thu Oct 25 00:24:59 EDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 11:33 PM, David Chambers
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> I love pandoc's approach here. It's logical, and makes it just as trivial to

> mark up consecutive single-paragraph quotes as it is to mark up a

> two-paragraph quote.


> This is exactly the sort of thing that could be profitably discussed were we

> not bound by the somewhat inconsistent behaviour of the original Perl

> script. Do others agree that pandoc's treatment of such cases is preferable

> to the “specified” behaviour? What I'm asking is what others would advocate

> if we were discussing a hypothetical format with no backwards-compatibility

> concerns. (Let's not have every discussion derailed by the

> backwards-compatibility discussion.) :)

I already stated my opinion in a separate message on what is proper
behavior in markdown, but your not asking about that here. Sure, if I
was involved in designing some new
inspired-by-markdown-but-not-markdown language, then yes Pandoc's
behavior would get my vote in this instance.

The thing is, I'm not really interested in designing by committee, and
I don't follow this list to consider inspired-by-markdown languages. I
follow this list because I maintain a _markdown_ implementation and
sometimes support questions for my implementation get asked here - or
sometimes inconsistencies in implementation can be worked out - or
something like babelmark2 comes along which I want to know about, use,
and provide access to my implementation for... (you get the idea).
Most anything else is just an annoying distraction to me. Sure, if
people want to announce some new markdown related project here -
great, I'm glad to see markdown grow. But I'm not interested in
filtering through message after message about some hypothetical
inspired-by-markdown language that know one is putting any real work
into (and if there is real work - great - but that discussion belongs
elsewhere). But hey, I'm just one person. What do I know? Maybe my
overly busy schedule lately is making me ornery.

\X/ /-\ `/ |_ /-\ |\|
Waylan Limberg

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