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> And, since I brought up multiple scales; I have a display I take to 
> shows which has several N&W boxcars with half moon herald. One each in 
> Z, N, HO, S, O, and G.  If anyone has any knowledge on whether or not 
> there was ever one in TT I would appreciate the information.
> Bob Huston
> Hi Bob
> Not to my knowledge and even it there was it would have been a wood 
> and card kit from around the Forties or Fifties and not like any of 
> todays superb HO offerings. I have a lot of these types of models and 
> to my knowledge the only N&W car is a covered hopper with printed 
> Norfolk & Western logo but no Heralds. Should I come across one you 
> will be the first to know

Howdy Bob & Richard

Actually, a very nice plastic TT boxcar kit was introduced several years 
ago by Gold Coast Models in Or.  The line has now been sold to a German 
company, but the undec kit is still available.   Go to   and scroll down.

Decals might be cobbled together from some of the older Walthers sets 
which were often in the wrong size.

Take care

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