[StBernard] Other information services

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 1 01:56:29 EDT 2006

Oh, yes. Concerning NOLA, and other online threads, etc. Yes, there might be
lots of rambling, rumoring and disCUSSING on NOLA, etc.

However, I must admit a couple of things. It's entertaining watching people
"fight for their ever-lasting lives" while crying at their misery.

Two, they certainly speak from the heart unlike many of these services where
one is likely to "hold back" in concern for censorship, embarrassment or
ridicule. 90% of discussions are real people speaking from bluntly and what
they feel--even if some seem bitter, belligerent, nasty or otherwise. We get
to read true, outspoken feelings that we wouldn't hear elsewise--gut
feelings of disappointment, dismay, grief, anger and bluntness.

Whether we find it offensive or take it to heart with one side vs. another,
it is coming to us directly much as having a psychiatrist listening to them.
(and we're sure many CAN use the almighty dollar taking doctor <G>)..

But, you must admit, we need to take info with that grain of salt and treat
it on a "Dear Abby" level, entertaining with some fact, some fiction, some
disturbing nature to it and some abhorance.


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