[StBernard] State Farm

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Sep 16 20:29:02 EDT 2006


Maybe you could consider going to mediation with State Farm. I got paid for

spoiled food in two fridges and two weeks of living expenses for five
people. This was without mediation. About $5,000. And then they paid me
another $14,000 for wind damage on the structure. I am not touting their
virtues, it has been like getting blood from a stone to get money from them.

And now I am arguing with them about contents in my house. The roof had a
hole in it and it rained all in my daughter's upstairs bedroom and the
ceiling fell and all her stuff and clothes were ruined. They will not pay
anything. The adjuster acutally told me that water line is not really the
water line, there were probably waves that splashed up and ruined
everything!! Ok, before the water line was the cut off and now the 'probable

waves" that cannot be verified are what counts. Any excuse they can think of

not to pay ligitimate claims. The sun is shining through the roof!! I'm
going to mediation.


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