[StBernard] Governor calls on Congressional Delegation to stand united and deliver revenue sharing bill

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Sat Sep 16 20:31:09 EDT 2006

Saving & Protecting Our Environment-A Column by Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

Vote YES - Four for The Coast!

Saturday, September 30, Louisiana voters will face many decisions about our state's future as we head to the polls. I urge you to join me and many others throughout our state who are concerned about our environment and committed to saving and protecting our coastal areas by voting YES on the first four Constitutional Amendments.

I believe Louisiana's people will make wise and informed decisions when they vote, and I want to explain why passing these amendments is in our state's very best interest. This week, I'll focus on Amendment Numbers 1 and 2; and another column focusing on Amendment Numbers 3 and 4 will follow. In doing so, I ask for your support in helping save and protect our coast.

If you agree that the passage of these four constitutional amendments is important for our state and future generations, please ask your co-workers, friends and family to join us in voting YES.

Amendment No. 1
Coastal Protection & Restoration Fund / Dedicates Revenues

Constitutional Amendment No. 1 is critical in our fight for a share of offshore oil and gas revenues. With revenue sharing bills pending in both the House and Senate of the U.S. Congress, we are closer than ever to getting Louisiana's fair share of royalties. This amendment will constitutionally dedicate any and all offshore revenues we receive to coastal restoration and hurricane protection. Voting YES to this amendment guarantees that these funds will be placed in a constitutionally protected trust, called the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund.

Voting YES makes very clear that, as a coastal state, we value our natural resources and our strategic location as America's Energy Coast and that we are willing to put our money where it belongs - in coastal and wetlands restoration and hurricane protection.

Amendment No. 2
Streamlines & Redirects Government Spending more Effectively/ Dedicates Future Revenues

Constitutional Amendment No. 2 consolidates existing coastal funds and provides for better, more efficient management of revenues. It requires that we deposit 20 percent of any future sale of the state's tobacco settlement directly into the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund outlined in Amendment 1.

Voting YES to Amendment No. 2 streamlines the system and gives the state revenues we will need in the next few years to jump start restoration efforts.

Voting YES supports accountability and dedication of future revenues to the coastal trust fund.

Together, we have the opportunity to take giant steps forward on our long term journey of coastal restoration and hurricane protection for Louisiana. Now is the time to step up and be heard. The future economic success of our state and the protection of our coast and our people depend on your support.

September 30, please remember to go to the polls, and be sure to Vote YES for our Coast.


The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation
Louisiana's Fund for Louisiana's People

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