[StBernard] Send Emails to the Council

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 23 18:19:13 EST 2007

"As for the emails to the Council through my website, I'll admit, they do
follow someone the scenario you described, only I'm using a different source
than Polly." --Westley

**Yes, I'm familiar with all councilman's e-mail address and system having
been a part of the technology pre-Katinal there. However, I was referring to
the old method of contact to the council clerk in the filtering through to
the Councilmen themselves. Since info coming in and out of government has
been immensely filtered even more on the technology side of communications
with the parish with few involved (one being Craig himself who probably
offered his services seeing he was more tecno-savvy at the time and has done
a remarkable job) to avoid misinformation and the infamous rumor mill.

If we were in a perfect world, with a perfect parish (non-blemished
physically, emotionally and ethically (we hope, anyway), things might be
different, more trustworthy and more efficient with even less waste,
mismanagement and chaotic. Katrina itself has much to blame for a
degradation of things, it appears. Once again, don't place your efforts or
this site service in a subpar comparison because any individual (me, Craig,
you or whomever) had a presence. I surmise that because everyone played a
part would be justifiable to say everyone made it the success story that got
us all through the miserable nightmare we all have experienced. Thank God
for the goodness of a parish (and those outside who gave their all to bring
us this far).


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