[StBernard] Post-hurricane population estimates released for St.Tammany Parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 23 18:19:44 EST 2007

I wonder if there's any demographics/data for where St. Bernardians went
after Katrina to live elsewhere? Are there numbers about how many now reside
in St. Tammany, Hammond, Baton Rouge area, etc.? We hear about how many now
live in St. Bernard, how many St. Tammany has "grown" since the storm, but
wondering if there is statistics about how many came from st. Bernard to
live in those communities? Perhaps there are St. Bernard Communities
elsewhere which are branching out and growing.

I'm referring to this, because during the late 1880's to 1920's many
"immigrants from the old countries" made Little Italy's, Germantowns, etc.
where their cultures continued on past their homeland and the U.S. took on
those characteristic communities until they assimilated into society, begin
marrying outside their nationalities, etc. The automobile, then planes, etc.
further exacerbated the spread of cultures to other states, etc..



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