[StBernard] Fines

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 12 20:37:17 EST 2007

Let's put the fines on the other foot (so to speak). If the parish was
"deliquent" in picking up trash, cutting public property, cleaning public
property and disorderly in its own right, would we be as blameful in our
right to clean properties? How many times has it fined itself for neglect?
If parish government can use the "blame gamed" or can use its excuse that
they are in a financial rut to do so, why wouldn't individuals use the
similar explanation that they too, are indeed in dire straights and find
that keeping up with demands a hardship in their right?

Everyone's seen trash from the parish standpoint of view.

Since when is the parish above the law of cleanliness and safety? If there
was a public outcry for neighbor to blame neighbor for cleaning up its act,
perhaps setting a good example would be mature and a prerequisite to model
how it should be done. If an individual is fined $100 a day, why shouldn't
the government pay 10 times that amount to the EPA, FEDS, and back to
individuals to help them get their houses gutted, property cleanup, etc.
That's fair, isn't it?


I just so love people, who think they know it all, because I had my house
demolished I can not get the true value by and appraiser, ask John he said
it himself, This cost me about 15,000 for doing the right thing. I am
waiting on the LRA to get it straight, so I can get my money. I am sorry but
I will not sell my property for pennies while LRA is making up there minds.
Yes I believe houses should be gutted by now. But do not feel I should be
fined for not having my grass cut, when all the parish property needs to be
cut and once I sell it to the LRA guess what is going to happen to it.

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