[StBernard] Day Light Savings Time to begin March 11th this year

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Feb 17 01:33:04 EST 2007


Thanks for the important tips, however, I cannot fathom why we even
considred lengthening the time-frame for Daylight Savings Time. If the
government was going to change this practice, why didn't they do it right
and push the start date Back to the first weeend in April. They claim it is
to address safety issues. This is insane,

The legislation is flawed. Evidently our elected officials roll out of bed
around eigh each morning and since they have day ligth, they assume we have
the same luxury. Now everyone is getting up six, which now means that
school chldren go to school half-asleep, sitting on street corners in the
dark under streelights. Please ask all senators and congreesman to
reevaluate this foolish decsion, as each monting, there are school children
of all ages sitting on the neutral grounds. Parants are waiting in cars with
their headlamps on, carrying flahligts, etc. People getting up for work
are 6am now have to turn lights on in the house, to see and get around.
Work buildings now have to start their a/c and heating units earlier.

Where is the energy savings. No one that I spoke with could come up with an
answer. If daylight savings is so great, than it should be year-round, and I
doubt anyone would want that. We need to join Arizona and not participate
in Daylight Savings Time. Perhaps that would get the attention of our
elected officials.


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