[StBernard] Murphy Soil Remediation

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Jun 25 20:06:32 EDT 2007

Previously, June 2006, I asked you for assistance to have Murphy Oil perform
the soil remediation at my residence at 2300 Despaux Dr. so that I could get
on with rebuilding and landscape the property. At that time I was told that
they were doing it in order of when the property owner settled and in June
06 they were only working on Jan 06 properties. And of course they were
doing properties that the owners had no plans to return etc.
And what has the parish been preaching: Come home, fix you house etc.

The soil was finally removed at my residence and also at 2225 Ventura Dr.
weeks ago. Over a year later after many visits to the Murphy offce.
Just yesterday they had to send the pump truck to pump all of the water
inside the sidewalks. In addition there are numerous weeds taking root in he
excavated areas.
I've have made personal visits to the Murphy field office requesting new
soil replacement to be told they need the test results. Well OK why are some
getting it soon and the rest of us waiting.

Several properties near us have had the soil removed and replaced weeks
after our soil was removed 'while we still sit waiting. I'm sure that the
EPA test were performed in an excellerated procedure and there is probably
special circumstances but we are still sit wating for results. One property
is located at 2513 Ventura Dr. The soil was removed just a few weeks ago
and is being replaced today.

Our properties are corner lots at Ohio. Not to mention we are still getting
calls to again tell the Murphy Oil rep that we are not selling.
It's not that I'm accusing Murphy Oil of harassment but they sure seem to be
giving the perception of such tactics. It was rumored prior to Katrina that
Murphy wanted to move the administration building on properties that are
accessible by Ohio St. Made good sense. Why have the heavy industrial
property on the river used for non-industrial activities.

I'm retired. I'm not going anyplace especially at $40.00 per sq ft. and I'm
not going into debt at my age. I want my property put back in order.

Again thank you in advance for all that you have given of yourself to help
all of us.

Jill Dolese


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