[StBernard] Rep. Baker expresses support for Sen. Vitter, seeks ‘restraint and professionalism’ from media

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The News from Congressman Richard H. Baker
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Rep. Baker expresses support for Sen. Vitter, seeks 'restraint and professionalism' from media

WASHINGTON – The dean of the Louisiana congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Richard Baker, R-Baton Rouge, issued the following statement today in support of Sen. David Vitter (R-La.):

“The past conduct that Sen. Vitter has acknowledged and taken responsibility for is serious and disappointing, but it does not define the whole of the man, and it is not irredeemable. I extend to him and his family my support and prayers, and I would ask that the media also keep his family in mind and demonstrate some restraint and professionalism in the days ahead.

“Since the initial revelation, the news this week has been filled with lurid and unsubstantiated, and often contradicted, accusations. I do not know the facts involved, and I understand the public’s right to get the facts. But I sense the media does a disservice to the public and the Vitter family in not abiding by their basic obligation to seek some verification of the truth before running with any allegation that comes along.

“David has been a great Senator. Just recently he was a hero in the fight to defeat amnesty for illegal immigrants, and nobody has worked harder to help the state since Hurricane Katrina. I look forward to our future work together on these and other important issues, and I have every expectation that he will continue to serve as a great Senator.

“If a man has values and standards, but does not always live up to them, it does nothing to discredit the validity of those values and standards, and he is far preferable to those timid souls who, without values and standards, cannot fall short of them, nor ever run the risk of being charged with hypocrisy.”


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