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Mon Aug 13 19:50:56 EDT 2007

News from the Foster Campbell Campaign

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Campbell Cites New PSC Rule
Preventing Cutoffs During Heat Waves

BATON ROUGE -- As temperatures and heat indexes soared to dangerous levels
this week, some Louisiana citizens have received relief thanks to a Public
Service Commission rule sponsored by Commissioner Foster Campbell.
Campbell's rule, approved by the commission in February, prevents electric
utilities from cutting off power to customers when the heat index is 105
degrees or hotter. The rule also stops electricity and gas cutoffs when
winter temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

"Hot weather like we're having now, from Grand Isle to Shreveport and Lake
Charles to Lake Providence, becomes a life-and-death matter when you don't
have electricity to run a fan or air-conditioning unit," said Campbell,
D-Bossier City. (read more
<http://www.fostercampbell.com/press_release08_11.html> )

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