[StBernard] Jackson Barracks

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 9 22:42:19 EDT 2007

Ms Keller:

I did a check on "Katrina Cottages Louisiana" on google and found the press
announcement that the Louisiana Housing Finance Housing Agency would be the
agency picked by Blanco to handle disbursement of funds for the cottages. I
checked their website but could find no info or press releases on the
Katrina Cottages program. I will continue to search.

The one thing that crossed my mind about Jackson Barracks as a site was the
fact that it is state land, hence easily used. I also know that parts of
that facility were easily accessible by most people (on the St. Claude Ave.
side). I used to take my mother (military widow) for the exchange and there
was no requirement to have a special decal or such on my vehicle.

While it would be nice to think they are making arrangements for LA ANG
families, it may just be that it's a chunk of state land they can do with as
they wish. Cynical me.


The press release about money for more Katrina Cottages from Lowe's
mentioned specific sites within LA where they would be sent, one
Jackson Barracks. I assume this is for military families and
personnel who used to live on the base. Has anyone seen or heard
that confirms the cottages in Jackson Barracks are only for the
housing? Most career military personnel have children, and often
more than
one. That Lowe's cottage on display on Elysian Fields may be way too
for more than two adults. It would look nicer though, than the
double wide
mobile homes they had for the military families living between St.
and Claiborne. ddk

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