[StBernard] Louisiana Elections: Jindal Camp Says Governor Race Likely Will Go To Runoff

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Sun Sep 9 22:44:56 EDT 2007

Louisiana Elections: Jindal Camp Says Governor Race Likely Will Go To Runoff

Written by: BayouBuzz Staff

Will the Louisiana Governor's race be won straight up or will it be resolved
after a runoff? While some believe that Bobby Jindal will win straight up
like David Vitter did in the US Senate race, according to the Bobby Jindal
campaign manager, Timmy Teepel, the election will not be decided in the
first primary.

In a letter to his supporters, Teepell said "It is very likely that this
race will go to a runoff. While we fully expect to come in first place in
the primary, because we have 12 opponents, including three that will spend
millions, it is likely that our victory will not come until the run-off
election on November 17.

Teepell also said that "our opponents have spent 3 times more money on TV
and Radio ads, and this trend will certainly continue. And the widely
discredited LA Dem party is now pledging to run more smarmy attack ads as

According to a recent poll cited by John Maginnis in his Fax Weekly, the
Jindal support has softened a bit.

Maginnis stated "The 500-sample poll completed Sept. 4 by the Kitchens
Group shows: Jindal, 51 percent; Walter Boasso, 11; Foster Campbell, 8; John
Georges, 7; Undecided 20". Jindal scored well in the African American
community and it will be interesting to see if he receives the 18 percent
from the recent poll or even exceeds it.

Teepell ended his letter with the following comments by bobby Jindal on
Labor day:

"It's time for all of us to buckle our chin straps and prepare for the fight
of our lives. Everyone who is ready to change the direction of our state,
everyone who is ready to be rid of corrupt politicians, and everyone who is
sick of incompetence from government needs to sign up for this campaign. The
gang of political insiders who have been feeding at the government trough
for many years will throw up a gauntlet of smear ads and mudslinging. But
make no mistake, we will give them far more than they can handle. All the
money in the world is not going to stop the people of Louisiana from
demanding a fresh start. Make no mistake -- We will battle, We will fight,
and We will prevail!"

Jindal responded recently to ads on television depicting the Democrats as
clowns. The front runner was criticized four years ago for not fighting
back the last week of the campaign.

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